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Top Bond Glue (5KG)

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TOP BOND is a White high-quality water-based adhesive. Below are Its other uses asides from the Carpentry use we all know.

TOP BOND is used on the pallet to secure garments for printing and can be sprayed on belt printers. As a screen printer’s adhesive, it remains tacky.

1.Main components: Polyvinyl Formal, Calcium Carbonate, water.
2.Appearance: white thick liquid
3.Content of non-volatile: 19-24% 23.5
4.Viscosity: 16000±100cps
5.Shear rate: ≥1.65Mpa 2.75
6.Dry heat- resistance: 120 20min no rubber and crack.
7.Solid content: ≥50%
8.Shelf life: 12 months


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