Welcome to Zabfat Stationery

Our company was established in 2002,

We are a specialized in dealing with wire”o” both precut and in box, and spiral binding wires. We now have several lines of office products such as calendar indicators,hangers and all other office stationery.
We sell products with high quality,.
Our products have been imported from all over the world. We firmly believe that an excellent company needs to innovate and improve, so we have a strong team, and we provide several new products for our customers to choose so as not to go far.
Our company also has a very strong quality control system, not only for internal quality control, but also for supplier management.

At Zabfat Stationery store, we’re passionate about providing high quality office services and products – and delivering them reliably every time. We do that – and more………


Professionalism – conducting our business to the highest ethics and acting professionally in all our dealings.
Responsibility – towards ourselves, our employees, our clients, .

Innovation – a willingness to embrace new ideas, techniques and technologies.

Delivery – a commitment to delivering every supply on time and on budget.

Excellence – a real desire to provide needs every time – a desire shared by everyone who works for Zabfat stationery.
We welcome you to our website and hope that you find it interesting and informative. If you would like any other information please do not hesitate to contact u

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